How can I access the documents I want to print?
You can bring your files in on a USB key, external hard drive, or CD. All of our computers are internet-equipped, so you can download files from the cloud or your email account.
Is there a fee for opening or viewing files on your computers?
No. We do not charge fees for things like opening files or minor adjustments. At the P&CC, the price we advertise is the price you pay: there are no extra fees or charges.
Am I able to submit my document online, pay, and pick it up in-store?
Unfortunately we do not have the software and online payment system required to do remote printing. For that reason, all orders must be paid for in store before we are able to proceed with them.
What are your turnaround times?
If you’re printing an essay or class notes, it will only take a minute or two. For binding and poster printing, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time from when you place your order. However, depending on traffic, we do offer a 1-hour turnaround time for an extra fee. If you have a large-scale production job, the turnaround time will depend on a number of factors. One of our managers will be able to give you an estimate if you send us an email or drop by the store.
What kind of file formats does the P&CC support?

For best results, we strongly recommend converting your document to Adode PDF (.pdf) before printing. This way your document will retain its original formatting, and guarantee you are getting the highest quality finished product. We can also open and print:

  • Office Suite files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .pub, etc.)
  •  Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (.ai, .psp)
  •  InDesign (.indd)
  •  Photo files (.jpg, .gif)

We cannot open or print Apple iWork files (i.e., Pages, Numbers, or Keynote) or files from specialized engineering or design programs (e.g., SolidEdge) – please convert these files into one of our supported formats before bringing them in.

What size of paper can the P&CC print on?
Our standard black and white and colour machines print on Letter (8.5 x 11), Legal (8.5 x 14), and Tabloid (11 x 17). We can also print wide-format posters up to 36″ wide and 15 feet long. As well as 4″ by 6″ and 5″ by 7″ photos.
Can I bring in my own paper to print on?
Unfortunately, due to service agreements with our equipment providers, we are unable to put outside paper into our printers and copiers. The P&CC stocks a wide variety of speciality paper in different colours, and can make special orders for large-scale production jobs.
How can I pay for my order?
We accept cash, Interac, VISA, and MasterCard. You can also set up an account.
What resolution/format should my file be?

For best results, we recommend that your document be at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) and that you take care to create a document that matches your desired paper size. For example, if you are printing a 4′ x 3′ poster, your image should be created in that size. Enlarging a smaller file can often lead to a poor-quality, pixelated image.

In addition, files should be created in CMYK colour mode. Unlike computer monitors, which use RGB (red, green, blue), digital printers use CMYK to create different colours. Using CMYK to design your file will allow you to create a physical document that is true to what you see on your computer screen. Our newest printer uses a spectrophotometer to accurately reproduce the colours you desire. 

What is the Thesis Gong?
The Thesis Gong has a long history with the P&CC. Its origins date back to the early 19th century. It once served as an ancient Chinese good-luck charm, which brought good fortune and longevity to anyone who was able to get close enough to hit the center. Today, if you hear the epic vibrations of this ancient instrument echoing the corridors of the JDUC, it is to recognize and celebrate completing the many late nights, empty cups of coffee, and countless hours that a student spends researching and writing their thesis.
What if my question wasn't answered here?
If there are any other questions we can answer, please send us a message.